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Defending Jacob: 1×08 ‘After’ HD Screencaptures Added

Written by Joshua on May 30 2020

Talk about your crazy series finale. We do hope there is more to tell about in the Barber world. I’ve finally added over 1,000+ HD screen captures from the series finale of Defending Jacob!

Gallery Links:

1X08 | AFTER

Defending Jacob: 1×07 ‘Job’ Screencaptures Added

Written by admin on May 22 2020

So we finally know who killed Ben. That was a shocker! I’ve manage to add over 800 from Friday’s release of episode 7.

Gallery Links:

1X07 | JOB

Defending Jacob: 1×06: ‘Wishful Thinking’ Screencaptures Added

Written by admin on May 16 2020

First off, I’d like to apologize for the lateness in these screen captures. Normally, you guys know that I tend to add them the day the episode premieres. Sadly, I got a call and was called into work and came home around 10:30 pm and finished sorting them and the Late Night Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. I am just now getting them added.

Speaking of the episode, isn’t the series getting more and more intense and amazing? Sadly, I don’t see this show getting renewed since it’s a limited series. But let’s all hope for the best! Chris deserves to be on our TV screens weekly!

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Defending Jacob: 1×05 ‘Visitors’ Screencaptures Added

Written by admin on May 08 2020

It’s Friday which means a new episode of Defending Jacob has hit Apple TV and I’ve added the latest episode screen captures to the gallery!

Gallery Links:


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