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I’ve been slacking on Chris’s new film Pain Hustlers that is currently streaming on Netflix that I’ve finally gotten around to adding stills and posters from the film including the screencaptures of the film. Enjoy the selection of HD captures and stills and posters! Gallery Links: – POSTERS & ARTWORK – PRODUCTION STILLS – SCREENCAPTURES […]

Happy 4th of July. In honor of Captain America’s birthday, I’ve managed to add screencaptures of Chris’s film The Grey Man which came out on Netflix back in 2022. Huge thanks goes to David who provided these caps! Gallery Links: – MOVIE SCREENCAPTURES

We have a beautiful new layout thanks to the amazing Claudia. She did an amazing job using the People Magazine shoot of Sexiest Man Alive. I can’t thank her enough for the amazing job she did. I’ve also managed to add over 4,000+ screencaptures of Chris doing press junkets and screencaptures of his movie Ghosted. […]

I’ve managed to add screencaptures of Chris’s appearances on Good Morning America and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon from April 17th to the gallery. Gallery Links: – APR 17TH | ‘GOOD MORNING AMERICA’ – APR 17TH | ‘THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON’

November 7, 2020  •  Gallery Updates, Screencaptures

First off, I must say that we have a brand new layout up now. Thanks to Claudia for the PSD of the header, I went ahead and used the most recent shoots of Chris that I could fine. I actually think this header goes well with the theme that we have now. Secondly, I’ve been […]