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March 15, 2018   Leave a Reply   Appearances

We are back. I am so sorry. The previous host by mistake had everything deleted and therefore luckily I had whatever the previous owner had backed up and didn’t have anything I posted. I have now re-added mostly everything that I have re-added to the site including playing a little catch up.

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November 2, 2017   Leave a Reply   Videos

Chris took part yesterday of the XBox Live Sessions, that’s held in Atlanta – a few blocks away from where Avengers 4 is being filmed. Check in the video below – starting at 50:50 mark.

Deadline – STXinternational has boarded international distribution on Chris Evans-starrer The Red Sea Diving Resort, in what becomes a hot title for the upcoming AFM. STX will also directly distribute the Gideon Raff-directed drama in the UK and Ireland. The story is based on one of the most remarkable rescue missions in history.

Evans plays an Israeli agent who runs a secret Mossad operation with a ragtag team of spies to smuggle thousands of persecuted Ethiopian Jews to safety under the cover of a fictitious diving resort in 1981.

Haley Bennett, Alessandro Nivola, Greg Kinnear, Michiel Huisman, Michael K Williams and Ben Kingsley also star.

October 22, 2017   Leave a Reply   Appearances

Hello, Chris fans! I’ve been through some files I still had in my computer, and updated the gallery with some missing pictures, including all press conferences Chris has attended. You can follow the links below, to access everything, or go to our latest updates. Enjoy!