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2022 Apr 24

Brand New Look!

It’s been quite some time that we have had a brand new look for the site. I personally have been dying to add this header onto the site but couldn’t decide what theme to attach it with until now! Both the header and category icons (in the gallery) are made by the amazing Megan. If you ever need any type of design for your site, I highly recommend her! I can’t thank her enough for the amazing beautiful header that she has created. Please go ahead and compliment the new look if you see fit!

2018 Jun 13

Happy Birthday Chris!

Today is Chris’ 37th birthday today. We on behalf of / would like to wish Chris the best birthday ever and hope to see him on the big screen very soon! If you would like to, feel free to leave birthday wishes below.

2017 Jun 15

Grand opening of Fantastic Chris Evans

Grand opening of Fantastic Chris Evans

I am so thrilled to finally open Fantastic Chris Evans, all the puns intended, I have been working extremely hard on the site since November 2016 and I’m so happy to finally open it. I was going to open it back in April for the Gifted premiere but didn’t get a chance to finish the site and have it as complete as it currently is. The gallery has close to 40,000 photos which include a huge quantity of high-quality pictures of Chris at public appearances, in almost all his projects and a huge quantity of photo sessions, many missing pictures to come plus upgrades of medium quality pictures to a higher one. I’m currently working on finishing the career page and the Chris Evans page with a biography and more information, so make sure to bookmark us for all that information, all the news, pictures and videos of Chris!

I need to give some big thanks to my dearest friends Ashley and Jen who helped me so so so much with this site and are the two people that actually made me do it and have known about this little secret from the very beginning.